REVIEW: Longridge pupils flying high after Peter Pan show

I'll never grow up '“ how many children have uttered those words over the years, and how many adults wish they could have held, or even turned back, time?

Friday, 25th May 2018, 12:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 10:41 am
Longridge Towers pupils in Peter Pan.

Well, for two hours over two performances, entranced audiences were transported back to a time of innocence, derring-do and carefree adventure, courtesy of Longridge Towers School performance of Peter Pan Junior.

Most people are familiar with JM Barrie’s tale of the little boy who wouldn’t grow up. Audiences sat enthralled as this familiar story was retold.

Longridge pupils in Peter Pan.

The lead actors demonstrated huge professionalism.

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Olivia as Peter Pan was outstanding, with great stage presence and strong vocals, shaking off any nerves she felt.

Considering this was the first show Beth had been in, her performance as Wendy was confident and polished, managing to convey a mix of efficient mothering, bossiness and childish delight in equal measures in her journey to Neverland and back.

James as Hook harboured an over-inflated ego, was bombastic and full of grand plans to capture Pan and the Lost Boys but managed to portray his vulnerability perfectly whenever a certain crocodile was mentioned.

The cast of Peter Pan.

Whilst not a comedy, there were generous smatterings of humour throughout; classic double act moments between Hook and Smee (Oliver), the Captain’s confidante and right hand man (no pun intended) struggling to come up with a plan unless accompanied by a suitable tempo.

It was at these moments the pirate crew came into their own: Dancing a tango, or tapping out a tarantella.

Those playing The Lost Boys worked perfectly together, conveying excitement at never growing up, being allowed to play, get dirty and stay up late but also showing their vulnerability and sadness at not having a mother (until The Wendy Bird appears).

The Brave Girls led by Tiger Lily (Evie) reminded everyone, Lost Boys and Pirates alike, that girls are not to be messed with and, in their stunning costumes and make-up, led a great song and dance routine.

As with any show, it is not just one person’s performance that makes it, but the whole cast and crew; the rest of the Darling family, the Pirates, Lost Boys and Brave Girls, all those who clearly worked so hard behind the scenes to make this a truly remarkable and memorable show.