Repairs are planned after pensioner's fall

Repair works have been carried out on a Tweedmouth street and more could be in the pipeline.

Monday, 25th June 2018, 08:54 am
Broken paving on Prince Edward Road in Tweedmouth.

The work on Prince Edward Road has been done following a complaint made by resident Ronnie Hartley after his wife, Margaret, 72, fell.

She tripped on a loose piece of the current surfacing, fell and banged her head and required treatment at Berwick Infirmary.

Her husband started a petition calling for improvements to be carried out and enlisted the help of local county councillor Georgina Hill.

“The pavement has been in a totally unacceptable condition for a long time,” said Ronnie. “I’m pleased that some of the defects have been repaired but it needs much more work. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be in this state if it was in Morpeth.”

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Coun Hill, member for Berwick East, said: “The county council have carried out some immediate work to make safe this area but it is an eyesore and does need a long-term solution and a complete re-surfacing which will cost several tens of thousands of pounds.

“I will now put this forward for the next Northumberland County Council local transport plan for capital expenditure and look to residents and the town council to also support this. I will be pointing out to colleagues at the council that this is an area which has not had anywhere near its fair share of investment going back years so deserves to be prioritised.”

She felt the problem was that local services budgets have been squeezed and maintenance of pavements and roads has been put back.

“This means that there is a huge amount of work to be done and simply not enough money to go round and do all the upgrades required. Therefore, like many local authorities, the county council have to work to a priority system.”

A council spokesman said: “We have visited the location with Mr Hartley and local county councillor Georgina Hill.

“We have agreed to work up a scheme to improve the parking area that will then be put forward for consideration for capital funding alongside other priorities as part of the 2019 /2020 local transport plan process. In the meantime, work is under way to tackle any defects that need urgent attention in the existing blocked area.

“We were very sorry to hear about this incident, and wish Mrs Hartley a speedy recovery.”