Reading bug hits school students

The race is on at Eyemouth High School for an end-of-term celebration of reading.

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 1:57 pm
Eyemouth High School

Librarian Anne Renstead said: “Last year we invested in the Accelerated Reading programme, this gives students the opportunity to read and take a quiz on a book.

“The English department decided to set some classes a challenge to read and complete a quiz and I have been amazed at the competition it has generated.”

PT English teacher Kelly Fairbairn added: “We didn’t expect it to get so competitive but I now have many choosing to finish their book and opting to go to the library during their lunchtime to complete a quiz. We set a word challenge and I believe we have one class which has read over three million words.”

The local community have also been getting involved via a new Shared Reading initiative.

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Dorothy Patterson, Depute Headteacher said: “I had worked on a similar project in my previous school but I have been delighted with the response we have had from the local community. We have had 40 local volunteers working with 40 students simply to take time to read and learn about the accelerated reading programme. The project has been a learning experience but we have had students quietly reading in the library for 12 periods throughout the week.”

Robin Chapman, Headteacher, said: “For me, this project sums up everything the school is about – great partnership working, enthusiastic students, and how we are building here on great teaching in our English lessons. I am so pleased at this project and I believe that it will make a real difference to all.”