Put your house in order now

Local politics appear to have reasonable grounds for the concern of many.

Sunday, 17th April 2016, 12:00 pm

The state of pavements in Berwick, it appears, leave a lot to be desired.

One lady in her mid 80s sustained an injury after tripping in Bridge Street, whilst another stumbled and fell in Castlegate. ‘Remedial’ work, I am told, was carried out by sub-contractors under the authorisation by Northumberland County Council.

A former business proprietor said: “I wish Inspector Dennis Cooper was still with us. He was alert to the many by-laws and amendments pertaining to obstructive articles outside the growing number of cafes, springing up not unlike weeds.”

He added: “We had one A-board outside our premises, but it did not impair in any way the progress of pedestrians. Not the case nowadays.”

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Having read the various contributions relative to the National Code of Conduct of Local Government rules, I am only one of many who would love to know if procedures are being complied with.

Many, including myself, feel that the only thing councillors are interested in are the many meetings they attend, and get rewarded for, together with expenses and travelling fees for going on ‘outings’.

To be candid, whilst I do not remotely condone the alleged behaviour of one lady councillor, who was somewhat vilified for her behaviour at council meetings, there was, and I am not alone in this opinion, a degree of validity in her requests for more transparency.

In view of the current political situation, both nationally and locally, I concur with those requesting my communicating with your publication to suggest the councillors in question put the house in order to restore Berwick to it’s normal state, whilst at the same time, ensuring its future for the Berwickers of the future.

Eric Allen