Problem needs to be addressed

Can you help in resolving a problem which can only get worse as the holiday season gains momentum and the number of market stalls increase as they always do during the summer months.

Wednesday, 12th April 2017, 08:00 am

Since the parking bays in Marygate in Berwick have reverted back to loading only, congestion in Marygate has certainly improved, except on a Wednesday and Saturday. For some reason, the market traders appear to be exempt from any restrictions and they park their vehicles behind their stalls all day, taking up a considerable proportion of the loading bays. One stall at the town hall end of Marygate extends his clothes stall into the loading bay and therefore parks his van next to rather than behind his stall, taking up yet another space.

The spaces that do remain between are not big enough for any HGV that wants to deliver to the shops.

This practice results in any deliveries being made causing considerable congestion, either by double parking or parking on the pedestrian areas on the opposite side of the road.

Are the traders above the parking restrictions? It will get worse as the tourist season builds up especially with the temporary closure of the old bridge.

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The majority of people agree parking in Berwick is a problem and needs to be addressed, perhaps a good start would be to enforce the existing restrictions.

Peter Ward

Address supplied