Problem must have a solution

It was with some degree of despair that I read the report of the recent Wooler Parish Council meeting and the details of the impasse regarding the problem of the property at 5 The Peth, (Berwick Advertiser, April 21).

Friday, 29th April 2016, 08:00 am

Trees are not growing through the roof of the house, a large tree from the opposite side of the road was brought down in the gale force winds of early December 2015. Although a contractor was quickly engaged to cut up the tree, and thereby clear the road, parts of the tree were left on the house roof and also on and through the roof of an adjoining outhouse.

It is a debatable point that nothing can fall onto pedestrians (who include young children going to and from the schools) because the footpath has been diverted into the roadway.

The roadway is now single lane, with only ‘give way’ signs for traffic descending the hill.

There is no guarantee that pedestrians are protected by having to walk in the roadway, either from the close proximity to traffic or from the tree branches on the roof of the house.

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I cannot believe that this problem cannot be resolved.

Surely the responsibility for the clearance of the tree lies primarily with the owner of the land on which it was standing.

Are we to believe that Northumberland County Council does not have the power to take action in this type of situation and subsequently charge the owners of the land/property concerned?

If this problem had occurred opposite the council headquarters in Morpeth if it would have been dealt with by now. Of course, this is Wooler, The Gateway to the Cheviots, it seems to all intents and purposes “out of sight, out of mind” here in the North.

In addition to the problem in The Peth, the condition of the surface of that road is atrocious, as is Church Street and parts of Brewery Road leading to the schools.

This is all in addition to the damage to the safety barrier on the north side of Wooler Bridge, and the great hole in the bridge wall on the south side.

Both of these were caused by motor vehicles and must therefore be the subject of straightforward insurance claims, but needless to say, there is no sign of any action yet on these issues.

John Gill