President Donald Trump prompts protest in Berwick

Berwick Green Party and Berwickshire Granarchists took to the streets of Berwick on Friday afternoon as Donald Trump took the oath at his inauguration as President of the United States.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 7:48 am
The Berwick Green Party and Berwickshire Granarchists protest against Donald Trump's election as US president.

It was a smaller demonstration than many held in other parts of the world but just as passionate.

“During his campaign, he has insulted and threatened women, people with disabilities, black people, Muslims, poor people, immigrants, gay people,” said Juliana Amaral, Granarchist friend.

Kate Duncan, another Granarchist, added: “People have asked us, why are you marching? He isn’t your President. First, we’re showing solidarity with our sisters in the US, who face changing attitudes and the rolling back of hard-won rights. Second, we are concerned that since the EU referendum, there are signs that the UK is becoming a more abrasive, less tolerant society.”

Granarchist Gill Callaghan said: “Women will stand together to oppose this, to protect the weak and demand equal rights for all.”

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The next day, the Granarchists joined a 2,000-strong gathering outside the US Embassy in Edinburgh.