Politics, the economy and what it means to be British

Andy Parsons will be appearing at Berwick next month after a rescheduled show from last year, and he is set to talk about what it means to be British in 2017 and 2018.

Tuesday, 27th February 2018, 12:39 pm
Andy Parsons at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield, on March 4, 2018.

As the title of his new show – Peak Bulls**t – suggests, he’s holding nothing back.

He’ll also be musing about the role of satirists in the world when most political comics were in favour of ‘remain’ in the EU referendum and supported Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

He said: “You could argue it’s the worst time to be a satirist because events of 2016 have proved that what satirists say has no effect whatsoever on the general public. Satirists should be arguing for World War III and an increase in bankers’ bonuses on the grounds that, then, they are much less likely to happen.”

He added: “When emotions are heightened and you talk about the state of the world, I think – at least I hope – that maybe people are more interested in what you have to say.

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“There is a lot of anger in Britain at the moment – if only we could use anger as a renewable energy source, what a place the world would be, getting the likes of Sarah Vine and Katie Hopkins to shout their newspaper columns into generating turbines so we could all have a free cup of tea.”

Andy rejects the often mentioned notion that people are not interested in politics: “Look at the turnout for the referendum,” he says – and judging by the sell-out audiences at the recordings in London’s Soho Theatre for his monthly podcast, the Slacktivist Action Group, it seems people are very much interested in politics.

The unpredictability of the news agenda means that he will be writing new material as the tour progresses – and if this year is as eventful as the last, he’ll be a very busy man indeed.

Andy Parsons will be on stage at The Maltings on Thursday, March 22, at 8pm, after his show in September was rearranged due to illness.

Buy tickets online at www.maltingsberwick.co.uk