Politician's Calais claim dismissed as '˜nonsense'

Berwick's MP has dismissed claims that the town could become '˜the new Calais' if Scotland becomes independent.

Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 10:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 11:53 am
David Coburn

Anne-Marie Trevelyan was responding to comments made by David Coburn, Ukip’s leader north of the border, last week.

Mr Coburn said England would need to erect ‘a barbed-wire frontier at Berwick’ to stem the flow of immigrants trying to cross the border.

He also said the Scottish Government was ‘desperate to keep the refugees or the immigrants in Scotland’ to ‘import voters’ for its next independence drive.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said another independence referendum is ‘highly likely’ to preserve Scotland’s place in the European Union.

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Mrs Trevelyan said: “Clearly it is silly season in Ukip Scotland. The United Kingdom remains just that – united, after the people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the union. Scotland helped build the UK and is an integral part of it – confirmed by the referendum vote just over 18 months ago.

“The United Kingdom, including Scotland, continues to welcome those fleeing persecution as well as those wishing to live here in order to make a contribution to our nation and a new life for themselves.

“This sort of nasty, divisive nonsense shows exactly why people are turning to the Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives as the main opposition in Scotland, who are proving to be a strong voice for the millions of Scots who want to move on from the referendum.”