Police want to demolish old office buildings

Northumbria Police wants to demolish two office buildings and a garage at the rear of its Church Street premises in Berwick.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 8:04 am
Berwick police station, Church Street

An application seeking permission for the work has been submitted to Northumberland County Council.

An accompanying report states: ‘Northumbria Police are looking to undertake a refurbishment of Berwick Police Station to improve the general standards of the facilities within the building and to alter the building so that it meets modern working practices.

‘With the exception of general repairs and maintenance, the building has not been refurbished for around 20-25 years and the facilities are generally in a poor condition and no longer fit for purpose.

‘Changes to the structuring of Northumbria Police also means that there are fewer police officers and staff are directly based at the station and as such the amount of space required has reduced.

‘The planned refurbishment will ensure that space within the main building is sufficient to accommodate their requirements. The rear houses will become redundant as the office space they provide will no longer be required. There is also evidence of some structural movement to the buildings that could lead to further damage if left in a mothballed state.

‘The proposal is to demolish these buildings, including drainage and foundations and to make good the ground, level it all off in line with the rest of the yard area and rationalise the car parking.’

Berwick Town Council has made no objection.

“The frontage is listed but these buildings aren’t,” said Coun Anne Forbes.