Police help is now anaemic

I found Your Letters column rather disturbing, to say the least!

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 09:00 am

One letter related to ‘an incident’ at a garden centre just outside the town whereby a popular, hard-working lady who originates from ‘The Blue Toon’ (Peterhead) had some cash, bank cards and probably other items stolen by the perpetrator who gives even scum a bad name!

That lady made me feel at home when, on four occasions at Christmas, her partner invited me to the home they share for dinner. This, I accepted as I had been his ‘GoFor’ for nigh on 11 or so years.

Being retired and not altogether enjoying good health, I looked on this gesture as a lovely token of appreciation for my ‘occupational therapy’, as I termed it. Being a good cook, I still savour those roast potatoes.

By far, too many such ‘incidents’ are being made a “target’ for the elderly and vulnerable and really must stop.

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One such matter saw a former WREN who did superb work at a nursing facility near Aberdeen’s Kingseat area having sentimental items stolen.

Amazing Grace, as I termed her some years ago, even had ex-RSM John Walls shed a tear in the wheelchair from which he was viewing the Annual Remembrance Day Parade. Sharp-eyed Grace, whom I’ve known for over 60 years ordered an impromptu ‘eyes left’ as a salute to Mr Walls, now sadly in eternity.

Frankly, our Blue Line of police is now anaemic and it really entails us members of the public helped out!

I do not wish violence to be used – but peace restored – it really is time our younger up-and-coming generation were given more discipline. They certainly don’t learn from attending school, although education professionals do try.

Eric Allen