Police chief visits Wooler

Northumbria's Crime Commissioner Vera Baird visited the Cheviot Centre in Wooler, now home to the local police. Ms Baird is pictured with Alfreda Hindmarsh (Wooler Parish Council), Frank Mansfield and Tom Johnston (Glendale Gateway Trust) and Cllr Anthony Murray.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 01 February, 2016, 08:39
From left, Alfreda Hindmarsh (Wooler Parish Council), Frank Mansfield (Glendale Gateway Trust chairman), Vera Baird, Tom Johnston (Glendale Gateway Trust director) and Coun Anthony Murray.

Ms Baird said: “There was stress at Wooler about the closure of the police station, but we have a full complement of officers at the Cheviot Centre. The police are happy with it and the people are happy with it. We will not compromise on finding ways to keep police close to their communities.”

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