Perryman's addresses concerns over bus routes

Perryman's has taken steps to address concerns raised about its revised bus service in Berwick.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 9:35 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 3:20 am
Perryman's bus in Berwick

The company has replaced the former town services with a simplified network of bus routes.

It has reiterated that it has not withdrawn from any areas previously served.

Perryman’s, on facebook, said: ‘We will still serve all areas and bus stops. Four vehicles currently operate the network, this number will remain the same when we operate the new routes.

‘Where demand is low we have reduced frequency. For example in Prior Park, a very small number to no customers used the service in the evening and Sundays. Based on this lack of demand we have removed bus journeys at those times. A nearby bus stop (Homebase) is a short walking distance from Prior Park for anyone wishing to use the bus in the evenings and on Sundays.’

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It has also stated that buses still run to Tesco.

‘We serve all major supermarkets and have introduced frequent bus journeys from Prior Park to Morrisons and Asda to Castlegate,’ the company stated.

The B1 operates via Ramparts, Morrisons, Newfields, Castlegate, Golden Square, Asda, Highcliffe and Spittal.

B2 operates via Castlegate, Golden Square, Asda and Prior.

B3 operates via Castlegate, Golden Square, West End, Tesco, Pastures and Roberts Lodge.