'˜Perfect' pets will take time and effort

The guineas have been recovering well, although three are still not fully recovered.

Sunday, 14th January 2018, 11:37 am
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Some have been rehomed, but we still have four girls looking for homes. The four recovered guineas have now moved out to the Hop Inn with our bunnies.

Two of the young bunnies, one boy and one girl, from last year have found themselves on their own so they are both now ready for neutering and then we will try to bond them. We hope these two beauties will find a home together shortly.

We received some amazing donations over the Christmas period, and not just for the animals. The staff and volunteers were not forgotten and many goodies are being consumed. We also received a beautiful basket of flowers this week, which certainly cheered up a very dark and wet day.

Sadly, after the Christmas break, we are once again full to bursting.

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The condition of some of the animals means they aren’t ready for homing just yet, but with the help of our vets and a bit of TLC, they’ll soon be ready to look for new homes.

It is very important that any animal you choose to join your home is right for both you and the animal, but it is equally important to have realistic expectations.

‘Perfect’ pets take time, training, patience and love. They may need help with house training, being affectionate, sociable, listening, coming back and many other expectations. This ‘perfect’ pet may take days, weeks, months or years. One thing is certain – even if that ‘perfect’ status never really arrives, it is a rare day you would be without them.

A great night is planned on Friday, February 23 at Berwick Rugby Club to help fund a newly refurbished grooming room.

There will be entertainment by Gary Dunn, a disco, buffet and groomers and organisers Claire and Trudi will be partaking in some of the treatments they give the dogs, including a sponsored head shave. Tickets are £10 from Wot-A-Clip in Scremerston, our kennels or shop, and at www.b-a-r-k.co.uk/events