Parking concerns raised in Seahouses

North Sunderland Parish Council has discussed ways to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety in the area.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 9:28 am
Coun Guy Renner-Thompson.
Coun Guy Renner-Thompson.

At this month’s meeting, it was proposed to have a 12-month trial period to address unauthorised parking on Main Street, in Seahouses.

Members also agreed on their priorities to be put forward for possible inclusion in the county council’s Local Transport Plan 2019/20.

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One of these is to have the footpaths repaired outside of the charity shop and along St Aidans and Broad Road. Councillors also called for Southfield Avenue to be resurfaced.

The parish council’s third priority was for speed surveys in North Sunderland and for investigations into a possible one-way system at South Lane

It was agreed not to request a pedestrian crossing from the car-park entrance to the gift shop opposite.

Meanwhile, the county council advised that there will be no additional road signs coming outside the car park.

County councillor Guy Renner-Thompson said that he would investigate a request for double-yellow lines at the entrance to Kingsfield.

On a separate matter, the parish council heard that there had been complaints from visitors regarding drains blocked outside Pinnacles restaurant, as well as bins overflowing and dirty seats.

This issue will be discussed during a meeting with the county council.