PARK: Don't write off the young

I write in response to Alex Gibson's letter regarding my proposed revamp of Highcliffe Play Park, (Berwick Advertiser, July 19).

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:56 pm

The project is currently at consultation stage to allow all opinions to be taken into account and collectively ‘more thought’, as he puts it.

There has been one residents’ drop-in session already and there will be another opportunity to view the draft plans and ideas on Saturday, August 4, at The Jubilee.

Residents can also contact me with their thoughts at any time at

Alex Gibson seemingly would prefer the play park as far away as possible from his own backyard at the old skate park area, but there are issues with that part due to the slope and proximity to the railway line.

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I am, of course, especially keen to hear the thoughts of children as it is not my play park, or Alex Gibson’s play park, but their play park.

Children need somewhere to play, exercise and use their imaginations. There is a real shortage of these types of facilities, particularly for older children across the town.

I certainly do not share the view that children of different ages cannot play together and somehow need to be segregated.

Nor do I subscribe to the stereotype that older children automatically mean trouble and anti-social behaviour.

Writing our young people off and failing to provide them with things to do is a sure route to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Coun Georgina Hill

Berwick East