Pair retire at Simpsons Malt

Two Simpsons Malt employees '“ Chris Gaul and Peter Longmate '“ have retired after over 45 years' combined service.

Sunday, 27th November 2016, 07:06 am
Chris Gaul celebrating his retirement from Simpsons Malt at a Norwich City FC with Man of the Match Martin Olsson

Production manager Chris Gaul, 60, joined Simpsons Malt in 1986 and was responsible for the day-to-day running of malt deliveries, barley movements and the storage of the raw barley material and final malt produce.

He said: “I am looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying some holidays with my wife Karen before we move house in the New Year to be near to our children in Norwich. I would just like to say a big thank you to Simpsons Malt, it’s been a great company to work for all these years and I will miss everyone dearly.”

Peter Longmate, 62, joined Simpsons Malt in 2001. In his role of laboratory manager he has seen a real increase in the technology used to streamline the business and ensure more efficient production.

He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed working at Simpsons Malt but I now look forward plan to spend my retirement getting back in to golf and my love of music.”

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Simpsons Malt vice chairman Richard Simpson said: “Chris and Peter have been great assets to the Simpsons family over the years.”