Overwhelmed by such kind support

Last week, with the kennels being closed, we hoped for a quiet week, but true to form that just wasn't on the agenda.

Saturday, 29th December 2018, 12:00 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

However, it did prove how wonderful all our supporters are and how, when needed, they rally round.

The night of Saturday, December 15 and the following Sunday morning was blowy, wet and very cold.

When we arrived on Sunday we discovered that half the roof to The Hop Inn was missing.

The bunnies and guineas had been exposed to the awful weather for what looked like most of the night. They were all very wet and very cold as the rain had driven into their hutches.

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We quickly got them into cat boxes and brought them in by the heaters, and also utilised the incubator, which was very kindly donated by our supporters a few weeks ago.

The roof will need a complete repair so the rabbits couldn’t be accommodated there. We set off to buy indoor hutches.

Just before going we put an appeal on Facebook for contributions towards the cost of these extra hutches. We were overwhelmed to find that £360 had been donated by the time we got back with the hutches – more than enough to cover any additional cost.

We cannot begin to explain how emotional it makes us feel at such kindness.

Both Direct-Pets and Pets at Home helped out with extras for the bunnies and guineas, and four hours later we had them all settled into their new temporary accommodation – cosy, warm and with lots of treats and toys.

We’re pleased to say that they have all settled in well and actually appear to be enjoying being around us more (although not perhaps the more confined hutches).

Our kennels reopen for rehoming on Saturday, January 5, while our shop closes at 1pm on December 31 and reopens with normal hours on January 3.

If you wish to support our work, or rehome a pet, contact Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels at www.b-a-r-k.co.uk