Our trio of Macs are loving and loyal cats

We took two very underweight and flea-infested dogs in a few weeks ago.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 13:22 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Milo is an 18-month-old Jack Russell and weighed less than four kilos on entry.

He has already put on a kilo and is looking and feeling so much better. A happy little boy who loves to play.

Nelly on the other hand weighted 10 kilos. Sadly, her condition was so much worse than Milo’s. She is steadily putting weight on, but that and the fact she was also infested with fleas has taken its toll on her. Her back legs lack muscle so we are working hard to build her up.

She will be looking for a very loving home to match her equally loving nature.

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We still have a couple of the lurcher-cross pups looking for homes. Please give us a ring if you can help.

We have three cats called Mac.

Mac #1 and Mac #2 are very similar, tabby and white, with loving natures, most of the time. They both love to play. Mac #3 (who we’ve renamed Max) is a tabby boy, who came in with Lilly – more about her later.

Max is just a poppet, very loving and much happier now he is away from Lilly, who is a bit of a grump. Lilly is a beautiful looking girl, an attractive cream and grey.

Rik is 12 years old and a lovely ginger and white boy, with a super purr and a very loving nature. Like Max, he is going to make a very loving and loyal companion.

Our rabbit shed is almost full again with some real beauties. From white to grey and colours in between, a real selection of inquisitive bunnies to be had.

We have a fantastic fund-raising event on April 14, which is being organised by Jarvis Pickle Pies, with a choice of eight hand-crafted pies, including beef and ale, pork and blue cheese, cauliflower curry and spinach and goats cheese. Make it a pie and mash lunch or supper.

Contact the kennels on 01289 306299 or see our website for more. Full details about the fund-raising event next week.