Osprey poos on Robson Green in next episode

Robson Green has a messy experience with an osprey in the sixth episode of Further Tales from Northumberland.

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 3:00 pm
Robson Green canoes on Kielder Water, the largest manmade reservoir in Europe. Picture courtesy of ITV

The TV presenter is pooped on by the chick as he learns about ringing and weighing the birds at Kielder.

“Ahh classic!” says Robson, after the creature shoots poo down his cream-coloured trousers, before he adds: “Well that’s what it thinks of my presenting.

“You know, they have been ringing ospreys at Kielder since 2009 and that has never happened before!”

Robson takes it in good heart and clearly enjoys learning about these birds – which returned to Kielder less than a decade ago, after a lengthy absence.

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The osprey isn’t the only creature that Robson learns about during his time at Kielder in Monday’s episode, to be screened on ITV at 8pm.

The Hexham-born star visits Kielder Salmon Centre, which is the largest conservation hatchery in England and Wales, where the Environment Agency grows fish to stock rivers and lakes in the region. Up to 900,000 salmon are successfully bred here each year. Robson helps to release some young salmon into the wild. He also canoes across Kielder Water and is blown away by the scenery.

Robson’s Kielder experience is part of his exploration of the River Tyne in the episode.

He heads to Cherryburn, which is on the banks of the Tyne and the former home of one of Britain’s greatest wildlife illustrators, Thomas Bewick.

Finally, Robson joins the Tyne Rowing Club and learns the story of the great North-East rower, Harry Clasper.