Worry about food standards

The United States Government and its ambassador here have made clear that the terms for a trade deal with the UK after Brexit would include the following.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 03 April, 2019, 09:00

We would have to accept beef and pork raised with growth-promoting hormones, which are banned within the EU; to change our rules over GM crops and to accept meat, fish and poultry treated with antibiotics; to allow into the UK crops produced using pesticides and herbicides, which are banned by the EU, and to make amendments to lower the permitted residue limits.

Michael Gove has told farmers that our food standards would not be lowered in pursuit of trade deals, but Liam Fox, in charge of trade deals, has said that he has no problem with such alterations.

The EU, with a population of 513million against 327million in the US, has been able to resist these proposed changes.

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With the UK population at 63million, draw your own conclusions about who might win in any US/UK negotiations.

Jean Watts