Various personalities among different pets

Our cattery is full of some beautiful cats, from white to black and lots of colours in between.

By Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels
Friday, 22 March, 2019, 13:39
Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels.

Maddy is a shy, gentle girl, who is pure white. She needs a quite home that will give her time to settle. With a little bit of patience Maddy will soon be chatting away with any new owner.

Titch is a ginger boy, similar in age to Maddy. He is very friendly and loves to play, chat and generally be the centre of attention. He’s a really nice boy who is going to make a great companion.

We have two stunning black cats, Basil, who is nine, and Jet, who is 12.

Basil likes a fuss, but very much on his terms. However, in the right home we’re sure a compromise could be reached.

Jet is very pretty. She always has something to say for herself and is very friendly. She remains mainly inside, but will need to get out and about so a safe environment will be ideal for her.

Benny has been with us a while. He is a four-year-old husky who has had a rough start. His back legs have some deformities, but he lives life to the full around his disability.

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He can walk well on a lead, but equally can be strong if he’s decided he wants to go somewhere. He needs limited walks, but would benefit from company to stretch his mind so that he doesn’t become stir crazy on limited exercise.

A much smaller dog is Georgie. We find Georgie a sweet boy, but he does have some behavioural issues that need addressing. A good solid training programme in a home that has time to offer a firm, consistent approach, and which is prepared to work through any issues with a qualified trainer, will benefit him greatly.

We always appreciate it when businesses organise a fund-raiser for BARK, and Upper West Street afternoon tea last week raised over £120.

Anyone who attended will know the food was exceptional, with one attendee describing it as “the best cream tea ever”.

It was a very lucrative and tasty fund-raiser.