Town is still a ‘Wonderland’

Further to my contribution to your letters of March 28 regarding bus shelters, may I respectfully suggest the incorporation of polycarbonate reinforced material.

Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 09:00 am

This not only affords full vision, but is fireproof, shatterproof and, importantly, affords protection.

This product is used in some shop windows and police riot shields, to name but two uses, and is fully compliant with BS 476 (1). This, I was told by a retired managing director of a company near Newcastle.

The late Mick Matthews (RN) described Berwick Railway Station as the windiest and wettest he’d experienced.

At that time, I had occasion to converse with him on the issue of a crystal-type radio receiver I owned. He was a retired communications officer based at Leydene, in Hampshire, but from time to time operated the equipment on decommissioned HMS Belfast, to this day a huge visitor attraction, which doubles as a ‘ham’ station for both visiting amateurs and RNARS members.

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I spoke to a former editor of the Berwick Advertiser and to the surprise of many, he carried the item headed ‘Are there still muffins for tea?’ I sent a copy to Mick and he was over the moon.

One reason I am supportive of SSAFA and other service charities is because I know what it’s like to help people ‘a bit down on their heels’.

There are some – too many by far – who have forgotten or have no knowledge of what went on before. It seems the extent of their knowledge comes from watching Star Wars or snatches of documentaries they glean at school.

Many gave their yesterday to further our tomorrow.

Berwick has many kind and honest people who merit praise too.

The Ross Group gets my vote of thanks for the skill and determination it showed on a cold January afternoon.

I had been discharged earlier that month after being hospitalised. I was freezing and in danger of contracting hypothermia. Somewhat desperate, I rang an NHS visitor who contacted the group on my behalf.

I was flabbergasted when David, a young apprentice, was in attendance. He fired up my defective appliance and in common with his work colleagues, Tony, Craig and Mark, was polite, courteous and totally impartial.

The Ambrose, Anderson, Chappell Sutherland and Inkpen families have all been kind and helpful, and I was more than grateful to Eileen Sutherland (nee Ambrose) for getting me a lift home from Grantshouse Crematorium one day last year when my leg ‘locked’.

A lovely get well card really buoyed me up, as did the way in which a cousin, David, transported a load of medicines to my home as it was too heavy for me to carry.

Berwick still is a ‘Wonderland’, especially in somewhat inclement weather, for which it is infamous.

Eric Allen