Put the deal to ‘the People’

Our country is shamed and shattered, not just because of the shambolic Brexit process, but also because of decades of failures by our economic and political systems.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 8:00 am

Leave voters were right to be angry with politicians.

With great persistence, despite incompatible demands, the Prime Minister negotiated the best deal that the EU could offer.

It’s now clear that the cost of implementing the Leave vote is high.

When put to Parliament, the deal was rejected 432-202. MPs now seem in paralysis.

The Labour Official Opposition hides behind calls for a General Election, which could change little as the EU has little room for re-negotiation.

The Tories hide behind claims of rigid ‘instructions from the People’.

With both, I believe party advantage rules.

Perhaps MPs could break the log-jam by uniting to accept the deal, subject to asking the People whether the price was acceptable.

Whatever the People decided, a unity government could then be formed, using the rest of this Parliament’s time to start both implementing that decision and addressing those failures.

Any willing and competent Tory or Labour front-bencher could serve in that Government, but only in a junior role.

Peter Watts