Progress is under way in greenhouse

Although the greenhouse has no artificial heat source, the comfortable environment it affords by mid-morning makes it an attractive option for elevenses, and it’s far from empty.

Sunday, 24th February 2019, 15:42 pm
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 17:41 pm
Examining the plants in the greenhouse.

Seedlings of leaf lettuce, onion and leek are progressing well, alongside pot-sown sweet peas, garden peas and beans, which have just germinated.

Primroses, polyanthus and strawberry plants, taken from the garden and transferred to pots, are growing on in these conditions, and early potato varieties are set out in trays to encourage shoot development. They all benefit from fleece covering should frost be forecast.

The grape vines look lifeless at present, but having been pruned, each main rod is bristling with potential.

The ‘Peregrine’ peach is going to show it the way as usual. Its bloom buds are starting to swell and will soon burst into a mass of pink flowers.

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In the absence of pollinating insects or wind, that’s when the gardener steps in with his soft brush to help secure the crop. It’s a daily chore for two weeks, but the thought of juicy, home-grown peaches helps.