New cages help to house more hogs

January’s gone, where did it go? Time seems to be rushing on.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 11:35 am
New cages.

This is supposed to be our quiet time at the David Rollo Centre, but no way.

This year we have a record 46 hedgehogs in our care. Thank goodness we have the new cages installed now.

We are able to house in comfort 12 hedgehogs in the space in which we could only house five.

Each cage is separated inside so that the hogs have a bedroom end with a dark coloured door so it is nice and dark for them. The other side has a glass door so we can see in.

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All of these cages are occupied now.

The old cages have had new internal dividers made (by Jim) and they are being used in the big room for hibernating hogs, so they are still being used.

At a push we could just about cope with 50 hogs. It was less than 10 years ago when we would only have half a dozen overwintering. People are so much more aware now of the plight of these animals.

Last week we brought in a cygnet from Eyemouth.

The poor bird had a rectal prolapse. The vet has fitted a purse string suture to hold everything in place, giving it time to heal any damage.

If this does not work, he will try to repair the damage surgically.

She is in a nice big pen under cover.

We also had a Muscovy cross drake brought in that had flown into a window and was staggering about unable to fly.

After a couple of days rest his headache was better as he wanted out of his cage.

We thought he should stay for a couple more days so we put him in the undercover pen with the cygnet.

At first he seemed pleased to have more space and explored the pen.

Then he spotted the cygnet.

He fluffed out his feathers and stalked the cygnet, lowering his neck, finally trying to rush and grab the cygnet by the tail.

This made the cygnet, who had been sitting very quietly in a corner, stand up, stretch out its neck, open its wings and hiss loudly. The drake scampered over to the other side of the pen.

I think when he sees another swan he will be a bit more careful in his approach.

He only shared the pen for another day as he was then able to be released.

We have at last managed to get the Friends of Wildlife scheme up and running. Full details can be found on our website at

If using a Google search it will tell you that this site is not secure, but it is perfectly safe. The problem is with Google, not our website. Details are also on our Facebook page. You can also call in the David Rollo Centre any morning, except Saturday, and get all the information first-hand.

For all those who like advance notice, our first open day of the year will be on Saturday, May 25, from 10.30am to 2pm. All are welcome.