Loving homes sought for Basil and Jet

We have two stunning black cats.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 12:40 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Jet is 12 years old, very friendly and chatty, and loves a bit of a fuss.

Basil is a bit younger, coming up for about nine years of age, and similar in personality, except he likes affection on his terms.

Harvey is very friendly, loves his bed and enjoys a bit of a fuss.

Betsy originally came in injured, but has recovered well.

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We think she is probably about four to six years old, but it is difficult to tell.

She is very petite and a very pretty tabby.

In our Hop Inn we only have the one rabbit, although she has just had probably six babies.

These aren’t ready to be viewed yet, but should be ready to be viewed at the end of April.

We will be looking for these to go out as neutered pairs.

If their personality is anything like their mum’s, they are going to have super temperaments.

Barney is about seven years old and a Parsons Jack Russell type.

He is a super boy who gets on well with dogs and likes people.

He is very wary of children in his household so would be better suited to a house without children, or perhaps older visiting children.

Georgie is another small dog, but he does have some behavioural issues and needs an owner who has some experience of difficult dogs and is prepared to put a lot of work into his training.

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