Local efforts deserve thanks

Although I retired several years ago as a ‘live wire’ string correspondent with an earnest interest in ‘the job’, I’ve always had something of an inquiring mind, being fully compos mentis.

Monday, 1st April 2019, 09:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 08:58 am

No one knows how delighted I was to hear people comment on the good work being done by Coun Georgina Hill in her efforts to get bus shelters erected near Asda in Tweedmouth and at Spittal, Highcliffe Estate.

Hopefully, these will be soon in place and Coun Hill should be proud as she is praiseworthy for her efforts on behalf of not only her electorate, but the community as a whole.

Margaret Shaw also comes in for a huge vote of thanks for her part in making the Castlegate area a little more attractive.

These people and many others are adopted Berwickers for the concerted efforts they put into attracting visitors to our lovely town. Surprisingly, Berwick is still ‘flying the flag’.

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Castlegate is one area that does require more assistance, but is somewhat neglected.

I was delighted when told by the owner of a corner shop that he had a customer from Tyneside make a special trip to his well-established shop as he could not purchase what he required ‘in the Toon’, aka Newcastle.

I made representation for attention to be given to a bus shelter in Castlegate. In windy weather, a nearby resident is deprived of sleep due to the shelter roof vibrating in the wind. My request fell on deaf ears and was never even looked at.

As I’m about to say ‘farewell’ to Berwick, I am delighted to be aware that there are many willing to publicise a beautiful area.

Eric Allen