Jax and Maddy are two beautiful cats

We have two beautiful cats in looking for homes, one jet black, Jax, and one pure white, Maddy.

Saturday, 26th January 2019, 2:53 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Both are probably around six years old and were previously strays. Jax is outwardly super friendly whereas Maddy is more reserved.

We think Jax has previously lived with cats, but we are not so sure about Maddy. Maddy will need a quieter home, but Jax may tolerate more excitement.

We took in two pairs of male guineas with some amazing haircuts. All of them are great characters and with varying degrees of handling, but will make great pets. Guineas are great first pets for children. Three of the boys have very long hair.

Indi is an eight-year-old Dalmatian and what a great boy he is. He walks well on a lead, unless there is something that interests him more, and appears to be good around other dogs. He is overweight, but with the correct diet he is slowly getting a waist back.

We are at a complete loss as to why one-year-old Gypsy is still looking for a new home. She is an energetic dog so will need a home that will give her both the physical and mental stimulation to keep her happy. She was rather thin when she came in, but has put weight on and is looking stunning now.

Another girl who has been with us far too long is Lacey. She is a beautiful girl and a fairly large lucher type. Typical of her breed, she loves her bed and is not keen to go out in weather that doesn’t suit her. She loves to run and play. When we clean the kennels out she spends most of her time chucking her toy out of the kennels and making sure we throw it back.

A couple of dates for your diary.

Our annual plant sale is on Saturday, May 25. We can’t believe it could be bigger than last year, but it looks like it’s going to be.

We also booked our Family Dog Show and Fun Day for Sunday, July 28, at The Stanks. If you would like a stall or have a skill you think would enhance the day we’d be pleased to hear from you.