It’s the time to ‘Take Ovar’

My mother, the actress Marjie Lawrence, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three weeks before she died. It was too late for anything but palliative care. She is the reason I became a patron of Target Ovarian Cancer.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15 March, 2019, 12:00

One in 50 women will develop ovarian cancer. Eleven women die of this disease in the UK every day. Yet most women cannot name one key symptom.

The four main symptoms are persistent bloating, feeling full or loss of appetite, tummy pain and needing to wee more.

Target Ovarian Cancer has a simple message this March for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: diagnosing ovarian cancer early saves lives.

I’m asking readers to join us in raising awareness of the symptoms, raising money and saving lives. It’s time to Take Ovar.

We’re getting friends and family to Bake for Change, telling 50 people and raising £50 with pin badges and wristbands, and taking on the 11,000 steps a day challenge. How about going for The Big Colour Clash by wearing something shocking?

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Raise awareness, raise money and save lives.

Sarah Greene

Target Ovarian Cancer Patron