Give your borders the wow factor

Some stunning border displays have dahlias, gladioli, lilium and iris at their heart because group plantings of these summer bulbs carry such a wow factor.

Sunday, 7th April 2019, 17:13 pm
Willys rare eight-petalled daffodil.

Furthermore, they’re perennials so after the initial cost they can be propagated to increase stock year-on-year. Once this is achieved, with lots of blooms to hand, some can be used for vase displays.

Most of our dahlias remain in the ground over winter, and survive, but some tubers are lifted and planted in deep trays with compost to encourage early shoots for stem cuttings.

Liliums bring an element of exotica. The Asiatic hybrids offer colour, form and fragrance, lending themselves to permanent planting in a mixed border or pot-culture.

Planting five scaled bulbs in a large, compost-filled pot opens options for patio display or a mobile gap-filler for a border in need of cover.

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Beyond these, there’s such a choice, from the corms of acidanthera to rhizomes of zantedeschia (arum lily). Give the following a try: eremurus (foxtail lily), galtonia (summer hyacinth), schizostylis (Kaffir lily), agapanthus (African lily) and nerine (Guernsey lily).