Fortunate to have it here

In a letter last week, the firm of Brunskill and Loveday pointed out that The Maltings is in need of repair and renovation (Berwick Advertiser, March 14).

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 8:00 am

This is not unusual in a building that has been in continual and successful use for 29 years.

The letter mentioned three theatres that have been going for over 100 years, but I am sure that all of them will have been constantly repaired and renovated over the years.

I believe the Playhouse was built around the start of the First World War, principally as a cinema showing films five nights a week. It was used occasionally as a theatre for touring companies.

I believe that The Maltings is a modern version of the Playhouse. Not only does it have a main theatre, which shows current films, it also has a smaller one, which can be used for intimate events. In addition, there are meeting rooms for cultural groups and a very good bar and separate café.

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It does not need fly towers. It does have scenery doors, excellent sightlines and wardrobe and props storage.

This is the sort of amenity that a small town like Berwick needs and we are very fortunate to have it. Berwick would be a poorer place without it.

He also mentions ‘a few theatrical dabblers’. I assume he means the performers in the town’s amateur dramatics clubs and societies. I am not one of them so I leave it to the ‘dabblers’ to make their own comments.

Finally, in his letter on January 31, Mr Loveday said that my viewing of the Laurel and Hardy film at The Maltings will have cost the taxpayer £30million, but, in spite of being asked, he has not let us know how he arrived at this figure.

Robert White