Figures need explanation

In his recent letter, Ted Loveday stated that The Maltings has cost the taxpayer £30million or so (Berwick Advertiser, January 31).

Sunday, 17th February 2019, 08:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 10:16 am

I am sure we would all like to read how he arrived at this enormous sum.

The Maltings opened in 1990 so, according to his figures, it has cost the taxpayer about £1million a year. This is surprising and I look forward to his letter.

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the opening of The Maltings and I am certain that it will be suitably and deservedly celebrated.

I will go to the Laurel & Hardy film when it arrives here, but I am only a simple lawyer and I do not understand what is meant by the words ‘real realities’, and I have not had the time to study his website, even though I am sure it is thrilling.

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Robert White