Extra service is essential

I read in the local newspaper recently that a new Berwick hospital was to be built, but with no extra facilities than what already exists in the area.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 8:00 am

Let me point out what happened to me last week.

My right ear went completely dead so the next day I paid a visit to the local A&E.

My ear was examined by a camera machine and I was told it was blocked.

I asked if it could be attended to, but I was told that the staff were not allowed to do anything for me.

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They referred me to a surgery.

I was hoping that a practice nurse could help me. However, I was told that because of the breakdown of a machine, which won’t be replaced, that no longer is this facility available in this area.

I was given a leaflet and instructed that it would have to be done privately at a cost of £40 per ear.

I wouldn’t mind paying, but I asked where I could have it done. I was told it was up to me to find out.

A family member went online and found out that the nearest place to me was at North Shields.

If a new hospital is to be built, surely it is essential that this facility is made available locally.

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