Cygnet suffers another setback

It was lovely to see all of the daffodils around the fence at the Rollo Centre in full flower when we got back from our holidays last week.

Saturday, 16th March 2019, 12:40 pm
Cygnet with sore foot.

The majority of the outside hedgehogs have woken up so cleaning and feeding them is taking quite a long time now.

We had one little hog weighing under 400g brought in from Coldstream.

He was very lucky to survive the hibernation, but perhaps the warm weather of the last few weeks allowed him to wake up before he lost too much weight.

We are a little worried about him as he has blood in his poo, but he has a heat pad and has been put on a ‘first aid’ treatment that should help get him back to health.

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He is eating so we are quite positive about his progress.

Since we seem to be in another spell of winter weather, this hedgehog is lucky to be with us.

We now have 46 hedgehogs in our care so any help you can give us with dog food and mealworms will be much appreciated.

It seems that the gulls of the town must be pairing up and making noises that are not welcome to some of the residents.

Our first shot bird of the year was brought into us last week. Sadly, the bird had to be put to sleep.

We get really fed up with these cruel incidents every year.

I must give you a catch-up about one of our cygnets. We feel very sorry for her as she has gone from one problem to another.

The photograph shows her with her foot bandaged. I will go back to the beginning and tell you her story.

On September 25 last year she was brought in with a fractured left wing. She was taken to the vet, who pinned the wing and put ‘scaffolding’ in to fix the bones in place.

However, her wing was still hanging down.

On November 11 all of the pins were removed and although her wing was still down, we tried her first on the little pond and then in with the other birds in the big pond. The wing did not improve, it was still trailing and it was proving difficult for her to get around.

On December 13 we consulted the vet, who said the only option was to remove the wing. The operation was performed on December 18 and was very successful.

She had to be kept undercover and out of the water, but on December 28 she went back on the pond.

She has recovered very well from all this trauma, but a couple of weeks ago we noticed she was limping.

On March 4 she was put in the undercover pen and we examined her to find a swelling on her leg and foot, so it was back to the vet, who operated and drained the fluid that had build up.

It turns out that she has an infection similar to bumble foot, caused by a little cut becoming infected.

She now has to be kept out of the water and is in the undercover pen again, but we hope now she will make a full recovery.