Old Bridge area backed for CCTV

CCTV coverage in the Old Bridge area of Berwick is the obvious missing link in the town’s network of surveillance cameras.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 9:02 am
The Old Bridge in Berwick.

That is the view of Sgt Alan Bogle who was invited to give his thoughts on the subject at a Berwick Town Council meeting.

“The replacement of the Old Bridge camera is the obvious one that’s needed,” he told the budget and administration committee.

A previous camera at the corner of Bridge Street and West Street was removed during redevelopment works on the former Cowe buildings and never replaced.

Sgt Bogle was open to the idea of a replacement being sited on the Tweedmouth side of the Old Bridge.

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“That would be a viable alternative if it was positioned correctly,” he said. “It would have the added benefit of capturing traffic going over the bridge and would be able to cover some of West End.”

Concerns have previously been raised by town councillors about the lack of CCTV coverage in an area where lots of people pass through after a night out in Berwick.

Sgt Bogle felt that the town centre CCTV coverage was good but outlying areas such as North Road, West Street, the Royal Tweed Bridge and Tweedmouth Main Street were not covered.

“As a police officer, I’m always going to say ‘yes’ to more cameras but I am aware of the costs,” he added. “I personally would have all the main routes out of the town centre covered.”

The town centre cameras are linked to Berwick police station. They are always recording so footage can be viewed retrospectively, for example when the police station is not staffed.

“The cameras are positioned in such a way to cover as much ground as possible,” he said.

Berwick Town Council has a portable camera at Grove Gardens South play park and there is another at the Lily Pond in Castle Vale Park. There have also been conversations about another camera to cover the Shambles area.

“I think they are a deterrant,” said Coun Ivor Dixon. “People realise before they are going to do something that there is a camera.”

The council is to work with the police to gather further evidence of problem areas and see whether further coverage is justified.