Objections are unhelpful

I, like many other people, are horrified that Historic England is not going to allow cars to park on the grass at the far end of Castlegate car park (Berwick Advertiser, February 4).

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12 February, 2016, 12:00

This is typical of its prim and proper attitude. It doesn’t seem to have any vision for the future of the lovely old town, but it is being negative and unhelpful by putting in place as many bureaucratic obstacles as possible.

Well guess what, Historic England is Berwick’s problem.

Its argument is that the walls are a Grade 1 monument and that the general public must be allowed to view them and that cars parked in front of them are spoiling that view. How totally ridiculous when, in fact, the opposite is true. If it wasn’t for the fact of visitors having to park there, they wouldn’t notice them.

I mean, it is at the back of the hospital, it’s not as if it’s a busy thoroughfare. It’s a pathway to the Haven holiday camp and Violet Terrace.

Give over and see sense – concrete where the soggy grass is now and let thousands of visitors park in peace.

Historic England wants the council to undertake another consultation to form a parking strategy. It makes you laugh. I have seen so many expensive consultations done with zero results.

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English Heritage owns a third of Berwick and I believe it has held back this town for years. It doesn’t bring the walls alive. It is like the old miser who hoards his money, won’t invest and won’t take a risk. But who is going to challenge its mindset?

If I won the lottery I would spend it all on developing the waterfront by the old dock and quay into a fantastic visitor attraction, but guess what, Historic England would probably stop that as well.

Elizabeth Middlemiss

Deyn’s Deli

Castlegate Car Park