Nothing was under-hand

Once again Coun Georgina Hill has gone on one of her rants. This time she is accusing councillors of unlawful processing for two play parks in Tweedmouth, (Berwick Advertiser, November 10).

Friday, 25th November 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 10:51 am

We have been named on her Facebook page and there was a snippet in the local press suggesting that there’s a possibility of back-handers, which is ludicrous and unfounded.

I have spoken to one of the contractors and showed them the article which Coun Hill posted. They were not very happy as they believe this could possibly taint their reputation.

The councillors that she named were Gordon McLean, Graham Hodgson and myself Alex Gibson.

She accuses us of appointing ourselves as the tender panel for the two play areas in Tweedmouth, Osborne Road Park and Grove Garden South Park.

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These comments are utterly untrue. We were invited by an officer to form a tender panel, given a date and the time, and when we turned up we debated the tenders for three hours with an officer presiding. Once a decision was made we all left and went our merry way.

Our deliberations were collated into a report for the council to consider.

When the votes was taken to go ahead and refurbish these play parks at the full council on November 7, Coun Hill and Coun Seymour voted against, and the Deputy Mayor Coun Roughead abstained.

So much for ward councillors supporting Osborne Road play park.

Coun Hill has been a ward councillor for the Osborne area for eight years and did nothing about the play park. She had a visit there a few weeks ago and stated that it’s in a mess. If she had visited the park in the early years it was a terrible mess then.

It’s been in a state of disrepair for decades, and that is why I took up the challenge when I became one of the ward councillors because children were missing out on updated equipment.

And let me tell you, the residents, there will be a refurbished play park in the early months of 2017.

There’s been nothing unlawful or under-handed, and we have not breached financial regulations. The interim town clerk has known everything every step of the way.

We are going forward with projects that are good and beneficial to the community.

Coun Hill appears to enjoy nit-picking all the good work that councillors do. For example, she was against Flagstaff Park, the Quayside disability path, digital boards and the handymen, now these two play parks.

Coun Alex Gibson

St Boisil Ward

Berwick Town Council