North Sunderland Parish Council round-up: Roads, railways and ragwort

A meeting was held with a county council officer about transport issues in Seahouses ahead of the parish council setting its priorities for funding from the Local Transport Plan.

Sunday, 7th August 2016, 05:00 am
Chathill Railway Station.

One of the major worries is speeding at the southern entrance to the village and along King Street.

Following discussions earlier this year about advisory cycle lanes on King Street, which would have the effect of narrowing the road and hopefully slowing the traffic, the parish council wants a safety audit to take place to help it decide how to proceed.

The idea of 30mph gateways painted on the road was also discussed and it was suggested that this could be one of the parish council’s priorities.

Coun Geoffrey Stewart said that he was informed that a pedestrian crossing on King Street was not possible.

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There is no date yet, but resurfacing on Seafield Road is due to take place this year.

• A response had been received from TransPennine Express, informing the council that there are no plans at this stage to have any more trains stopping at Chathill. Coun John Woodman said that the introduction of the Newcastle to Edinburgh service in 2019 may provide an opportunity to push for extra services.

• The county council and the National Trust are to be contacted to ask them to tackle the ragwort along the stretch of coast at St Aidan’s. Coun David Donaldson made the request, saying: “It’s exploded this season, there’s a tremendous amount more than in previous seasons.”

• Members agreed to raise the unsuitability of the narrow access from King Street to the proposed site of four new homes. The scheme, on land to the rear of Beechcroft, was approved as holiday lets, but now a variation of condition application has been made to make them permanent homes.

• The village volunteers who currently look after two of the planters in the centre of Seahouses are to discontinue doing so. However, Coun Raymond Clarke, who currently takes care of the third, has agreed to take on the responsibility for all three.