No time off from bird rescue help

The last week has brought back winter with a vengeance and it has temporarily stopped our hedgehog releases in their tracks.

Sunday, 8th May 2016, 09:58 am
A ring ouzel that flew into a window.

We did not want to move the animals in the unseasonably cold weather.

However, I think we shall be able to release the second batch of hedgehogs later this week.

We still have 15 hogs, although most of them are hardened off and ready to go.

I’m pleased to say that the three mallard ducklings are progressing well.

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These ducklings would normally have gone out to an aviary, with a heat pad in the shelter, but they, too, are still indoors.

The blackbird fledgeling is currently at home with me as he has only just started pecking up for himself.

It was a very cold, wet job upending stones and planters in the garden to try to find worms for him.

He is growing a bit of a tail now and we hope to get him out to an aviary later this week, all being well.

The photograph this week is one that is nothing really to do with the trust, but it is interesting none the less.

We have a young puppy at home and he gets up quite early in the morning. Consequently, I was enjoying a first cup of tea early on Saturday when there was a terrific bang on the window.

I went outside and there was a bird lying on its back.

It was still breathing so I put it in a box and left it in the warm sunshine to see if it could get itself together.

When I checked on it half an hour later the bird was standing, although it still looked dazed and not quite with it.

I put the camera in the box and took this photograph. I wasn’t sure what type of bird it was.

I went out in another half hour and the bird leapt up onto the side and flew off.

When Dick checked up we found it was a ring ouzel.

I have never seen one before, but from the internet it seems that this is the most likely time of year to see them as they are migrating.

Back to the trust, on Sunday, the first day of the month, we brought in a herring gull from the bridge with a badly broken wing, which it was not possible to repair.

Then we went out to fetch a long eared owl.

It was just off the dual carriageway and we think it had been hit by a vehicle.

It, too, had a wing smashed at the shoulder.

This was a depressing start to May as they both had to be put to sleep.

We hope the month is going to improve for us.

Plans for the Open Day on May 28 are going well.

We shall not have Errol’s new aviary ready by then, but visitors will be able to see how things are going.

There will be something for everyone to do.

We hope to see lots of people about as it is a bank holiday.

Thank you to everyone who has handed in tombola prizes and offered baking.