No '˜noise' on coach park

I write in reference to Alex Gibson's further letter, re-stating his strong opposition to the proposed upgrade of Highcliffe Play Park, (Berwick Advertiser, August 9).

Sunday, 19th August 2018, 09:00 am

I have already held two extremely positive and helpful drop-in sessions at The Jubilee to hear residents’ views, to which he, too, would have been very welcome to attend to give his opinions.

As his preference seems to be to engage in this matter by letters in this paper, let me respond on two of Alex Gibson’s points.

Firstly, I cannot agree with him that the play park should be moved away from his own area and near to the railway tracks, and the reasons for that should be pretty obvious.

Secondly, he writes that I ‘made enough noise’ about the Chapel Street coach park. That is simply incorrect. There are plenty things which I make ‘noise’ about, one of them was not the Chapel Street coach park.

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While I could agree with the many residents who pointed out that it had many disadvantages as a coach park, it was not something I felt particularly strongly about amongst all my other campaigns.

Also, councillors need to be very careful when it comes to projects in close proximity to their own properties.

If Alex Gibson was to actually recall or check the history properly, he will find there was no particular ‘noise’ from me on the coach park and, in fact, I declared an interest when it has come up at council and taken no part in the discussion or the vote.

I trust that Alex Gibson will do the same when the Highcliffe Play Park scheme and match-funding request comes before Berwick Town Council.

Coun Georgina Hill

Berwick East