No justice for the victim

At the moment, I feel that the law is a joke.

Monday, 26th March 2018, 9:00 am

My daughter had her mobile phone stolen in her place of work by a customer.

He was caught on CCTV. The police did not recognise him and my daughter had to do her own detective work.

She found him in a supermarket and got his car registration plate. The police went out to see him and told him to be at the police station on a certain date. He phoned them and told them he would not be there and said he would come in another day with his solicitor.

He admitted the crime and said he had dumped the phone. What does he get? A caution because it was his first offence.

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My daughter’s phone, I thought, was covered by my bank account, but it was not. She had to replace her phone. It cost £600.

It’s not just the money, it’s what was on the phone. All the memories lost.

No justice in this world.

Christine Metcalf