New units are unnecessary

We object to the proposed five retail units at Loaning Meadows as they are unnecessary, unrequired, superfluous to requirements and totally inappropriate for the future prosperity of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Saturday, 21st April 2018, 9:00 am

There is already a Morrisons supermarket with café and take-away facilities and a McDonald’s drive-thru/take-away outlet next to the proposed location so no further food and drink/drive-thru units are required and would be surplus to needs.

These proposals merely duplicate the facilities already available. Not only that, but more food/drink outlets would have a serious adverse impact on the many and varied eating places in the town centre.

Aldi does not need larger premises as its current location is only a short distance from the new proposed site.

There are already a number of other supermarkets in Berwick: Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and B&M and an M&S food store so a larger Aldi would have a seriously bad effect on their businesses. Also, if Aldi vacates its current site, another similar business could well move in, causing even more duplication of facilities.

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This proposed retail development would encourage passing traffic to ignore the town centre and could well cause a serious decline in the business of local, existing shops, causing more shops to close and creating a downward spiral of economic decline.

The town centre is currently showing a pleasing improvement in the development of businesses and derelict sites and the proposed retail units would have an adverse effect.

There would be a considerable increase in traffic and congestion on the Morrisons roundabout, with increased noise and light pollution both during the construction and the running of the site. There is also bound to be increased litter from take-away units.

The A1 already suffers from an appalling amount of litter and this will just get worse.

The increased traffic from the development of this site will seriously impact on the residents as the roads will become more dangerous and this will adversely affect the health and safety of local people particularly children and the elderly.

Once these retail units had been built more units might be encouraged to try to locate next to them and that would cause even more congestion, built up areas and pollution, which is unacceptable.

These green fields, on the edge of Berwick are important wildlife corridors for local mammals such as an otter, local birds (red-legged partridge, curlew, goldfinch, long-tailed tit, buzzard, snipe) and migrating birds (fieldfare, redwing, chiffchaff, black redstart) and many others. We have recorded 51 different species of birds in the fields adjoining The Grange.

The new car park will be a more secluded area and at night will therefore be an attraction to the unwelcome elements of society. Anti-social behaviour could well occur, creating an additional hazard to and disturbance of the quiet residential areas nearby.

This proposed scheme will add nothing extra to Berwick’s facilities and will instead detract from the businesses already in existence.

Surely, instead of creating retail units on the A1, passing trade should be encouraged into the diverse range of shops in the town centre.

Margery and Phil Noble