New pale ale on tap at Treehouse

A new beer has been crafted with a specifically-cultivated ingredient from The Alnwick Garden '“ nettles.

Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 09:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 09:46 am
Phil Bell, Trevor Jones and the nettles.

The Treehouse APA is an American pale ale, which is now available at the attraction’s Treehouse Restaurant and The Garden shop.

It has been brewed by The Alnwick Brewery Co Ltd.

The Garden has been secretly growing the nettles for the project, helping to give the new pale ale a quirky taste.

The hand-grown nettles give a subtle, earthy texture to the light-bodied ale, while the hops deliver fruit notes of orange and grapefruit, before a spiky bitter finish.

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Brewer and head of production, Phil Bell, is extremely passionate about real ales and the brewery is accredited with a world-renowned Certificate in Practical Brewing.

The Alnwick Garden’s head gardener, Trevor Jones, said that it has been a fascinating project to be involved in and the feedback to the ale has been very positive.

He added: “We have been growing nettles in secret for some time now and it’s been fascinating to watch the brewing process.

“The nettles give the ale a really subtle, earthy texture, giving the beer a unique flavour profile. Everyone who has tasted it so far loves it.”

Phil admitted that the brewery was delighted to have been given the chance to brew the Treehouse APA, using the specially-cultivated nettles.

He said: “It has been an excellent opportunity to work with The Alnwick Garden and its team and it has been really exciting, given the fact that we have been brewing using ingredients which have been specifically grown by The Garden for this project.

“Now summer is here, what better time to enjoy a refreshing Treehouse APA.”