New nursery for two-year-olds

Seedlings at St Mary's opened its doors to its first pupils at the start of term, offering school based two-year-old provision for the first time. The school was aware parents had been struggling to find nursery provision so governors decided to expand provision to make the most of the investment made in Early Years.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 9:45 am
A nursery for two-year-olds has opened at St Mary's First School in Berwick.
A nursery for two-year-olds has opened at St Mary's First School in Berwick.

Head teacher Gary Hilton said the school had recruited specialist Early Years staff for Seedlings, and to ensure a smooth transition into Nursery, the children and staff are over seen by Miss Bell and her teaching team.

Offering morning and afternoon sessions of three hours, the children have full access to the Early Years unit within St Mary’s, so enjoy a wide range of learning areas inside and outside, all designed to give them the best possible start to their journey through school.

Mr Hilton described Seedlings at St Mary’s as an exciting new addition to the school and something he hopes will benefit the community long in to the future.

The school are focused on keeping prices as low as possible, so allowing enabling as many families as possible to have access to this new community provision. This approach has certainly had a good start, with waiting lists for places in the new year already.

Miss Bell and her team are keen to welcome all interested families, so if you want any further details simply contact the school office on 01289 306170 to make an appointment to visit.