New hypnotherapist takes pod at the Cheviot Centre

After qualifying as a hypnotherapist, Amanda Hopper has taken a leap of faith and established her own business in Wooler.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 07 February, 2016, 10:47
Hypnotherapist Amanda Hopper

Based in a pod at the Cheviot Centre, Amanda Hopper Hypnotherapy, accredited through the General Hypnotherapy Council, is keen to help people to help themselves.

Offering a form of complementary therapy, Amanda utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and it can really make a difference to the quality of your life, making sure you live every moment for you.

With the first consultation free, the hypnotherapy sessions are designed to relax and free the conscious part of your mind, while stimulating and focusing on the subconscious to bring about positive change to all aspects of your life.

Launching a new and innovative concept, Amanda is offering a ten-week course, aimed at kick-starting your life and getting it back on track.

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The group sessions, to be hosted in the comfort of your own home, together with up to five friends, are designed to offer the opportunity to discover the inner you. The sessions will include hypnotherapy and support, whether you want to change the look of your body, be healthier, grow in confidence and self-esteem, manage stress and anxiety, become braver, be motivated or free yourself from yourself.

“It is really important that we feel good about ourselves, especially nowadays when people lead such hectic lifestyles, we very often put our own needs behind the needs of others,” she said.

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