New facilities prove their worth

Elfie spoke last week of the work Jim and Peter had been doing in the recovery room. I am going to enlarge on this.

Saturday, 20th October 2018, 1:51 pm
Swan jottings
Swan jottings

Kay has been on holiday for a couple of weeks so we decided it would be a nice surprise for her if the refurbishing of the recovery room could be done while she was away.

We were very kindly donated a practically new set of lovely white kitchen cupboards with worktops, also including sink and taps. We used some of the cupboards in the big room when that was done, but the rest had been stored in our garage at home for nearly a year.

Although we had quite a few hedgehogs in the room, as it was not yet too cold they could be moved to the big room while the work was done.

The first week Kay was away the cupboards were installed, as well as the sink.

The second week, everything was cleared out of the room so that the floor could be painted.

It was a bit of a rush the last Friday to make sure everything was tidy.

Kay was due in on Sunday so we all went in on Saturday to check that the wood pigeons, which needed hand-feeding, were all ok and everything was ship-shape.

I went along to the pet shop and bumped into Kay, who said she was going to pop in.

Not only had we taken in three cygnets in her absence – one very small, one with a swollen neck after having a hook removed, and one with a broken wing, which now has scaffolding holding the fractured bone together – we had also taken in a variety of birds and hedgehogs, and managed to refurbish the recovery room.

Here, I must thank all the volunteers who managed to keep the animals and birds all clean, despite the fact that they never knew where anything was going to be from one day to the next.

We are very grateful to the person who donated the money to buy a few new hedgehog cages for the finishing touch to the recovery room. Tiny hedgehogs that will have to stay during the winter are already here – we have 20 at the moment.

Our petrol pressure washer broke down several years ago and we decided that although the small electric pressure washers were good for everyday cleaning, we needed something more powerful than Jackie with a brush for the big pond.

The new washer was used for the first time this week and it cleaned the big pond beautifully, although it is hard on the arms to use. It only needs a good clean like this every couple of months so it is not too bad.

The swan and cygnets all enjoyed the clean water.

I would like to add one more word about the new Wildlife Charity Shop that has just opened in the town.

People are asking if it is our shop. I can answer that it is nothing whatever to do with us, it is a charity based in Durham. We rely entirely on the generosity of local people, their donations and support are essential to us.