New competition season gets under way

Ian Cartwright, who is the chairman of the Berwick Camera Club, screened some spectacular images of the National Parks in the South West of the United States of America when he stood in for a lecturer who was indisposed.

Friday, 29th December 2017, 08:00 am

As Ian had visited the area over the years on three occasions, he had been able to capture the natural wonders in different seasons.

The cream of the club’s latest pictures was selected by Jane Coltman when she judged the first projected image competition of the 2017-18 season.

The results were as follows.

Landscape: 1 Colin Smurthwaite, 2 Chris Jary, 3 Ian Cartwright.

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Artistic: 1 Ian Cartwright, 2 Colin Smurthwaite, 3 Alec Aitcheson.

Illustrative: 1 Michael Barron, 2 Alec Aitcheson, 3 Pamela Wright.

Portrait: 1 Alan Brown, 2 John Tully, 3 Pamela Wright.

Nature: 1 Anne Christie, 2 Paul Marshal, 3 Anne Christie.

General: 1 Anne Watt, 2 Alec Aitcheson, 3 Chris Jary.

To see all of the winning pictures and more information online visit the Berwick Camera Club website at