Musicians show they are truly Inspired!

I had the pleasure of seeing the highly-anticipated Inspired!, the creative school for young musicians' album launch at The Maltings and to put itsimply, I was blown away.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 08:27 am

Inspired! did what it says on the tin – but even more so. It exceeded any expectations. I was inspired, not just by the musical excellence, but on a deeper, spiritual level too.

Talent was in abundance from start to finish. Jj Petrie’s performance of ‘bold and blue’ was effortless, rhythmic and awesome starting an evening of musical excellence.


Frazer Young treated us to deep velvety vocals and lyrical fineness with his song ‘100 years’, followed by Georgia Punton serenading with her beautifully written ‘constellations’ – she is a star in the making.

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Martha Raine captivated us with her gorgeous energy, vocals and emotive song ‘stitches’ and Eilidh Campbell was wearing a ‘crown of feathers’ as she gave an angelic and confident performance. This was followed by vocals rivalling top artists from Fayee Kirkhope, who gave a powerful and heartwarming performance of ‘Longing’.

Jorge Cockburn sang a tear-jerking, beautifully written song called ‘Gran’s Song’, leaving the audience touched. He was followed by the handsome vocals of Josh Paine, with his raw and riffy song ‘Waiting for you’.

Finishing off was Leigh Doran with a fearless piece called ‘Prove you wrong’ and Ellis Cochrane with a catchy, slick, and memorable song named ‘What I’m into’ .

Inspired - The Academy Band

These awe-inspiring, original performances were accompanied by talented, young musicians, who should also be given credit for giving such talented songwriting a euphoric and magical sound.

Every performance was as good as the last, they were met with a rapturous applause and after the wonderful group single ‘Kaleidoscope’, they were deservedly given a standing ovation. The album name ‘Kaleidoscope’ embodied the performance; eclectic, raw, beautiful, a wonderful kaleidoscope of talent.

Not only was I taken aback with the confidence, musicianship, stage presence, innovative lyrics and songwriting, and the endless ability of every individual, I was blown away with what I felt, Inspired symbolised – togetherness, positivity, love, and a beautiful community.

This wasn’t just an example of Berwick’s creative young talents, and an antidote for all negativity created by living in a small town, but a portrayal of universal love, joy and unity. If this is what a local enterprise could accomplish in a short time, I believe this could be a prototype for a bigger project.

Inspired singers

Iain Petrie and his team should be given credit for all the work they put in. They have not only given the youngsters a voice, an opportunity of expression, but have most probably, helped them to grow as people and musicians.

I believe I witnessed many a star in the making – this could be the new generation of musicians leading the way!

Inspired - The Academy Band
Inspired singers