Much to learn from service

I would like to express sincere thanks to Border Tyres and its owner, the Meakin Family.

Monday, 10th April 2017, 08:00 am

My house has more than one alarm system in it and some years ago someone was caught red-handed climbing in through a window.

Foolishly, however, I have relied upon Network Rail’s adjoining CCTV system to keep an eye on the four vehicles that I keep outside the house. However, that system is designed not to protect my vehicles but to keep an eye on Network Rail’s level crossing.

At 8.10am last Tuesday, my son, calling to collect one of the vehicles while on his way to work, saw that 13 out of 16 tyres had been slashed, rendering them and all four vehicles useless. At just after 8.30am, I phoned Dave Meakin who, within about two-and-a-half hours had called out his nephew and his work colleague to replace nine of the written-off tyres, getting three of the four vehicles back on the road.

Unfortunately, Dave did not have tyres in stock for the other vehicle but, by late morning, tyres for that vehicle had arrived and that vehicle too was soon up and running.

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Excellent service is an understatement but that can not be said of Northumbria Police.

My call to Northumbria Police, via 101, was made shortly after I had contacted Dave Meakin and was received by someone who seemed not to know where Berwick was.

She certainly had no idea of where the crime had taken place and not only told me several times that I must have mis-stated my address but also kept repeating an address, Derwentwater Terrace, within Scremerston Village where she thought my address should be.

I told her to look on her map for the East Coast Mainline, and she replied that she did not have a map.

Eventually, she worked out where the crime had taken place and when I asked her when an officer would call, she replied that I had a choice of someone phoning me after 1pm that day or someone physically calling on me after 2pm.

Fortunately, two Berwick PCs, Jon Snaith and Paul Falkous, picked-up an internal communication and of their own volition and with the agreement of a senior officer, came down to see my wife and I.

So, my thanks also to those two gentlemen whose surprise, and very welcome, arrival at my front door considerably reduced my mounting anger at the seeming incompetence of Northumbria Police’s remote control system.

One other activity last Tuesday – I installed an external camera alarm system to complement my internal alarm systems.

What a day!

E Sutherland-Loveday,

Address supplied